They Play Solitaire


2) Morganstern hears about the day when Nina started playing solitaire

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Morganstern has been talking to Nina, Bobby, Jack and few others about the day when Nina started playing a lot of solitaire:


It seems Nina had a petulant response to having a good working-environment (some warehouse jam-space) yanked out from under her and her friends; about having that replaced with some beige boxes, circa Mac OS 8/Windows 95. Bobby left her alone with a pile of them and came back to find that she had set up seven units to run solitaire apps, and that she had played a couple hundred games over the three hours that he was gone.

A school district administrator was sure they had said they were doing “computer art” and was doing his best to provide for that. She had to explain that they use computers for things he would never have seen/heard and that they already have some very nice ones; that what they needed was a large room. Later, Jack was trying to say that the school-people were “looking at some ordinary purpose” for what they were doing. Nina said, “You mean they’re looking for a ‘business model.’ Art that you can shrink-wrap… Hang on the wall and ignore.” I figure they would define “art” as a kind of salvage project: a way to get some life out of life. A persuit-of-happiness thing.


Reconstruction of the dialog:

(A school district administrator has just left after shutting down their jam and then showing them a large classroom table, in the back of a room, with a pile of old computer gear.)

Nina: “What are they thinking? We HAVE computers. We need space and electric outlets. Are these good for ANYthing?”

Bobby: “Solitaire… ” (in a way that might insinuate that they wouldn’t be good for much more).

(Bobby returns, 3 hours later.)

Bobby: “What have you been doing with this stuff?”

Nina: “Playing solitaire.”

Bobby: “Which ones do you want to use for storage?” (He has brought back some large hard drives, not expecting her to have done anything with the pile.)

Nina: “Just the two Macs you picked out.”

(Bobby walks around the table, noticing that all seven setups have a solitaire app booted. Looks closely at a couple.)

Bobby (a little concerned about her angst): “How many games have you played?”

Nina (squinting at the screen she’s in front of): “A hundred and eighty seven.”

Bobby (ironically psuedo-polite): “I’m sorry to hear that… ”

Nina (as if he meant it): “No. I’m fine. Really. If they want us to just vegetate here, this is as good a way as any.”


Written by Kenny Mann

04/10/2006 at 3:39 am

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